Men's Moldavite Necklace - with CERTIFICATE
Natural raw moldavite With certificateonyx + red garnet and coral + crystal Mol..
Necklace - many small tumbled moldavites - CERTIFIED
Natural tumbled (polished) moldavites With certificate Size: 48cm (19 inch) We..
Necklace with rare moldavite, rose quartz and pearls
Natural raw moldavite Moldavite with natural chanel throught the stoneWith certificat..
Orpheus - Necklace - moldavite - Tiffany technique - CERTIFIED
Natural raw moldavite + cooper and tinTiffany technique (handmade only from basic materials - withou..
Silver Moldavite pendant / necklace - with CERTIFICATE
Natural raw moldaviteSilver 925/1000 With certificate57cm Moldavite Size: 21 ..
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