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Offer your audience genuine quality moldavites directly from the miner. And earn a commission on orders from your visitors and followers.

Benefit your audience

  • Gets genuine quality moldavite
  • Discount for ordering through you

You get a commission on those orders.

Get up to 25% of every order. 

How does it work?

  1. Sign up – button below.
  2. I will write to you and we will agree where you will promote – account approval.
  3. You will get a URL  address (link) to use in your promotions (on the website or even social media).
  4. You will also get a discount code for your visitors and followers. This will give them (and you) a discount on the purchase of quality genuine moldavites directly from the miner.
  5. You’ll get a commission on every such order.
  6. Once a month, I’ll send the commission to your account.

You have a user interface where you can see how your commissions are accruing.

Win - win - win

  • You get the commission
  • Your followers get real moldavites at a discount
  • We get to expand our customer base
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