How to identify genuine moldavites and moldavite fakes


This book will teach you how to tell a genuine moldavite from an imitation even if you have only a photo of the stone.

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A detailed guide which will teach you how to tell an authentic moldavite from a fake one (raw, cut, rare ones or gem in jewelry) and also how to identify an imitation from a photograph. Both laymen and professional gemologists will find this book extremely useful.


  • What to generally look out for
  • What you will need
  • How to recognize a real cut moldavite
  • How to recognize an authentic raw moldavite
  • A moldavite from the locality of Besednice – how to recognize a real “hedgehog” from a fake one.
  • How to recognize hand-made glyptic sculpture in natural moldavite
  • How to recognize an authentic tumbled moldavite
  • How to recognize authentic moldavites if they are completely broken
  • How to recognize authentic moldavite dust
  • How to recognize an authentic two-coloured moldavite
  • How to recognize a fake and an authentic moldavite in jewellery
  • A gemologic test of authenticity of moldavites
  • Appendix A. Gemological laboratories
  • Appendix B. Chemical composition of moldavites


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