Angel Chime Moldavite

What is Angel chime moldavite? What makes them interesting? How are angel chime moldavites effective? Should I have one? Well, I’ll answer all that in this article.


What is Angel chime moldavite

Angel Chimes Moldavites are characterized by a distinctive “ringing” sound when dropped or tapped, much like a piece of crystal or high quality glass. This unique characteristic is part of what makes these particular moldavites more special and rare.

This characteristic is due to the high internal stress of these moldavites – greater than that of ordinary moldavites.



Listen to the sound of angel chime moldavites

In the video there are a few common moldavites and a few angel chime moldavites. You can compare how they sound…



How rare are they?

This form is very rare. It is estimated that out of 1 thousand moldavites found, only 1 – 3 angel chime moldavites are found. It varies a bit from deposit to deposit.

Thanks to this, their price is several times higher than that of a regular, equally large, moldavite. If you want to know more about pricing moldavites, check out this article.



How to recognize the angel chime moldavite

Angel chime moldavites vs normal moldavitesAngel chime moldavites are often thin, but this is not the rule. They can be fatter. Conversely, not all thin moldavites are chime.

Angel chime moldavites are also often elongated (“sticks”, “long drops”). Generally, pieces that have been subjected to great forces during their formation.


It’s almost impossible to tell from the picture. You have to have a lot of experience. You can only find out physically (or from video).


Just don’t drop moldavite from a great height onto a hard surface. Or don’t drop a heavy hard object on it. It would damage them.



  • Just “stroke” the larger moldavites – run your finger over them.
  • Put the tested moldavite on a soft surface. Try tapping it gently or running something hard over its surface. You can also drop something hard on it (like another tiny moldavite) – but not from a great height.
  • Gently drop the moldavite on something hard – like a tile. But really only from a minimum height.


Video – testing angel chime moldavites



How is the energy of angel chime moldavites?

This ringing supposedly increases the vibrational energy of the moldavite, making the angel chime moldavites even more powerful. The sound is said to connect directly with the spiritual realm and amplify the already strong transformational energy of moldavite. Angel chime moldavite users often report a more intense experience focusing on activating the heart chakra and third eye chakra, leading to increased intuition and a stronger connection to higher spiritual influences.



Where to buy genuine angel chime moldavites

Where? Buy angel chime moldavite directly from miner – here.


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