Moldavite vibration

One of the most striking features of Moldavite is its vibration. What is that? Can anyone feel it?


What is Moldavite Vibration?

Moldavite is a stone of high vibration. The vibration of Moldavite is said to be intense and can be felt by some people as soon as they hold it. This vibration can manifest in different ways, such as a tingling sensation, a warm feeling, or a feeling of pressure.


What is the vibration of Moldavite good for?

Moldavite- ibration - 3rd eyeThe vibration of Moldavite is believed to help release blockages and negative energy, which can promote healing and spiritual growth.
Moldavite vibration is also said to aid in lucid dreaming, meditation and astral projection. It’s said to help open the third eye and crown chakra, which can help increase psychic abilities and spiritual awareness.


Can everyone feel it?

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the Moldavite vibration or the energy of Moldavites in general. It is not known what causes this. I am one of them.
However, I still observe the positive influence of Moldavites on me. And I get the same positive feedback from my clients. So Moldavites work 🙂


Can Moldavite be too strong for someone?

The vibration of Moldavite is also said to be very powerful and can be overwhelming for some people. If you are sensitive to energy, it’s recommended to start with small doses.

More here in article Can be moldavite too strong for me?.

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