Using moldavites in Reiki

Using moldavites in reiki

Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing, is known for its gentle yet powerful approach to wellness. Using moldavites in Reiki practice can enhance this experience by tapping into the stone’s high vibrational energy. This blog post explores the practical ways moldavite can be used in Reiki sessions to enhance healing and spiritual growth.



Moldavite in Reiki: Enhancing Healing Energy

The integration of moldavite in Reiki is not just about the physical presence of the stone, but about harnessing its vibrational energy. Here’s how to effectively use moldavite in Reiki sessions:


1. Cleansing and Charging Moldavite

Proper cleansing and charging of moldavite is essential for its effective use in Reiki. This can be done by placing it in the soil of a potted plant overnight or by using the sound vibrations of a singing bowl. More about moldavite cleansing is here.


2. Using Moldavite for Meditation and Intention Setting

Before a Reiki session, meditating with a moldavite can help both the practitioner and the recipient align their energies. Holding the stone while setting intentions for the healing session can increase the focus and power of the Reiki treatment.


3. Incorporating Moldavite in Reiki Hand Positions

Moldavite - chakrasWhen using the various hand positions in Reiki, placing moldavite on the corresponding chakras can deepen the healing process. For example, placing it on the heart chakra can aid in emotional healing, while placing it on the third eye chakra can enhance intuition and spiritual clarity.

The moldavite can be placed on or near the patient’s body during the session. This can help to amplify the energy that the practitioner is channeling and make the healing more effective.


4. Moldavite as a Personal Talisman for Reiki Practitioners

Moldavite pendantsWearing moldavite as jewelry or carrying it as a talisman during Reiki sessions can help practitioners become more attuned to higher energies and facilitate a stronger connection with Reiki energy.

Moldavite is said to help in releasing blockages and negative energy, which can help to promote healing and spiritual growth. It’s also said to help in increasing psychic abilities, which can be beneficial for the practitioner and the patient during the session.


5. Combining Moldavite with Other Crystals

Moldavite’s energy can be combined with other healing crystals during Reiki sessions. For example, combining it with clear quartz can enhance its properties, while combining it with amethyst can promote a calming atmosphere.


Precautions and Considerations

While moldavite is a powerful tool for enhancing Reiki, it’s important to be aware of its intensity. Some people may find its energy too strong, especially in the beginning. A gradual introduction and listening to one’s own and the client’s response to the stone is key. It is also important to ensure the authenticity of the moldavite used, as the market is flooded with imitations. Check out our certified moldavites.


Remember, the journey with Reiki and crystals such as moldavite is deeply personal and should be guided by intuition, respect for the energies involved, and a commitment to the healing process.

If you need more information about reiki, check out this article.


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